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About us

We are Hani Coffee Company

Yunnan produces very good coffee. However, because of many problems in production, processing and roasting Yunnan coffee is not recognized and accepted by the domestic market as a high quality product. Consumers sometimes spend a lot of money buying stale imported coffee. We at Hani Coffee Company don't think that's right.

We specialize in Yunnan coffee. Through our partnerships, we strictly control all production steps from seedling to selective picking to specialty processing. At our professional roastery in Xishuangbanna, we do roasting and cupping. At Hani Coffee Co. we produce clean, fair and sustainable coffee, roast it fresh, and send it to your door so that every home in China can drink high quality Yunnan coffee.

Imported coffee is often stale and over-priced

Coffee is best between 7-21 days after roasting. Large international roasters roast their coffee months in advance. Even though they use high quality packaging to keep the coffee as fresh as possible, it can never beat our freshly roasted coffee. Besides that, their coffee needs to be shipped from abroad, either in small packages which makes it very expensive, or in larger shipments by boat, which makes the coffee even more stale. We ship directly from the roastery to your door in China!

Our solution

We meticulously oversee every step in the production process, from the farm to your cup, so you can be absolutely sure that your coffee was grown, roasted, and distributed responsibly.

Selective picking

Only perfectly ripe coffee cherries are picked. Coffee that is picked too soon will be sour and astringent—too late and the cherries get moldy and smelly. We always make sure our cherries are just right for picking.

Specialty processing

After washing, the cherries are processed through a state of the art processing facility equipped with a color sorter. Drying is done on concrete slabs whilst being turned constantly to prevent mildew and ensure even drying.

Artisanal roasting

Our roasting style is developed to bring out the full flavor of the coffee. Each coffee product is crafted with care so that you can enjoy fresh coffee every single day.

Responsible and sustainable is our only option

We make sure you have freshly roasted coffee that is healthy for you, your family, and for China.

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